Media Mafia & MQM

Media Mafia & MQM

1e11de_38d132d139e8b4d9c133340dc5701ebb.jpg_1024If you live in US or follow American media you should know by now that the major channels like CNN and Fox news are completely biased towards either Democratic or Republican parties. That is what exactly the case is for all other channels of US. But when it comes to National interest they all sing the same song. Similarly, other channels around the world are biased towards some ideology. Every now and then we do come across the reports that this media anchor or that media person was involved in fabricating some report to get certain results. With this environment all around the world how could one can think Pakistani Media or British media is going to be completely unbiased or neutral.
There have been numerous reports about BBC for being biased or have charges of corruption. I will get onto the Pakistani Media later but let’s start talking about…

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Author: Junaid Raza Zaidi

The Only Sologon is Pakistan First

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