The Sold Out Media and Commission

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I guess after a hundred years, the best available history of Pakistan would be available, not in the form of books, but in the form of judicial commissions. In fact they should become as a separate subject in the curriculum.

Apart from being the historical documents, these commission reports have been an agent for foreign direct investment and global recognition.

Like the hamood ur rehman commission report, our friendly neighbor India invested in us and the complete report was sold to them secretly and released by them before Pakistan disclosed it.  It gave fame and recognition to our army and especially general Tikka khan.

Due to the absence of right to information laws, in fact the absence of the right laws in Pakistan, people are unaware of what happens within the power corridors of the country. Nation was kept in dark then, nation is kept in dark now, and this…

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Author: Junaid Raza Zaidi

The Only Sologon is Pakistan First

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