An Agents Story – Declan Walsh on MQM

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Finally the lord has spoken, the bible of journalism industry The New York times has taken its empirical attempt, slinging mud shots at Mr. Altaf Hussain.  The story titled “Pakistani’s Iron Grip, Wielded in Opulent Exile, Begins to Slip” has been the topic of discussions in press clubs and news channels of Pakistan. The story is by Declan Walsh, yes, do the name rings a bell?

After reading the story early in the morning, I felt a wave of utmost disappointment and regret. I have been reading the Newyork times since six years but I never felt such despair.

I was thinking such baseless story on such credible paper, even a boy can rip this sheet of lies apart. So I start from the reporter, Mr, Declan Walsh. He was working in Pakistan since 2004, until recently he was expelled.  Yes, in 2013, Mr. Walsh has been placed in list…

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Author: Junaid Raza Zaidi

The Only Sologon is Pakistan First

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