Moving ahead against all odds

as usual classy write up by shariqa ahmed

Shariqa Ahmed

As integral part of society; women are rapidly joining workforce. It’s an open truth that working women have to face problems just by the virtue of being women. And as being a Pakistani Women, they are referred to those as a paid employment. The social attitude of them are much paused behind the law. There has been a criteria fixed for this attitude which considers to be fit for suitable jobs that are associated with women in Pakistan.


Women find employment easily as nurses, teachers, babysitter & etc. and as educated women opt for jobs like doctors, engineers, secretaries as of qualifications. When it comes to compensation the law proclaims equality but here it is seldom found. The Pakistani women are capable of work but they are more efficient in governess.  It should be appreciated that women in Pakistan are enthusiastic to support their families in the running conditions of…

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Author: Junaid Raza Zaidi

The Only Sologon is Pakistan First

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