Are BBC Documentires as Smearing Camapigns?

Are BBC Documentires as Smearing Camapigns?.


Altaf Hussain BBC 2 Documentry – Deconstructed

All TV anchors ignoring this

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Its such a pity, that all those discussing the BBC 2 documentary on Mr Altaf hussain, either lack observation or lack devotion to professional journalism. It is also a fact that today’s intellectual and tv thinkers are nothing as compared to those of yesteryears.

BBC 2 Documentary is miserable compared to the hype that was created before its arrival. Before I further proceed, let me assure you that whether I support altaf hussain/ MqM has nothing to do with the analysis, and if you have better argument or analysis, put it up and don’t judge me.

Question no1, what new information this documentary provides, answer is nothing. All of this was already reported on Pakistani media and a lot more was reported in other media as well.

Secondly, the UK authorities proved that they neither understand our culture, nor understand political humor. Out of three videos shown in the documentary…

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